Outdoor Advertising Agency Advantages

Outdoor Advertising Agency Advantages

To many people, outdoor advertising involves only the placement of huge outdoor billboards along the freeways and streets. Other than the billboards, common outdoor advertising methods include posters, flyers and advertising on modes’ of transit (buses, trains and other public service modes of transport). Consulting a reliable outdoor advertising agency will accord the following benefits.

Open Exposure

Other forms of advertising require some form of invitation or activation. These include newspapers, which require purchase, televisions, which require switching on and actual channel surfing and others. For outdoor advertising however, the advert is out there openly in the public domain. Some, like highway billboards for example are actually impossible to miss.

Consistency in Frequency

Outdoor advertising provides for consistency in terms of exposure to the target audience. Most of the adverts, particularly billboards and those on modes of transit remain in the same spot for an extended duration of time. This means that the purported message is presented to the target audience consistently, all throughout the day and night. Modern trends also include the use of bright flashing neon lights, mind boggling designs and innuendo to capture the viewer’s attention. This serves to drive home the intended message and also reinforce the intended curiosity arousal.

Customized Placement

With outdoor advertising, it is possible to custom place the advert where the impact will be most felt. For example, you can place a billboard just off a highway exit, indicating the presence of a filling station or a fast-food restaurant just down the road.
The various forms of outdoor advertising can also be placed where other forms of advertising cannot access nor have the required impact. For example, a well placed advert can alert people in the rural areas of products and services on offer. Since the advert is highly visual and out there in the open, the message is easily transmitted to the rural folk, more effectively than a newspaper advert or television commercial would.

Cost Benefit

The various outdoor advertising agency methods provide one of the most cost effective methods to get a message across to a wide audience. Considering the time of exposure versus the cost, expect to spend about 80% less than the television adverts, 50% less than radio and about 60% less than the print media. This greatly cuts advertising costs especially for start up businesses and well established companies as well.

However, Advertising Agency in Singapore like Ad Cool Media Pte Ltd uses mobile billboards to catch the eye of drivers and passersby alike. Measuring with a width of 1.2 meters and height of 1.8 meters billboard are mounted on bicycle to be cycle through national parks. It can be place stationary at high human traffic areas too. They go to places where your customers congregate.

Outdoor Advertising in Singapore

Ad Cool Media Pte Ltd is an advertising agency in Singapore that was established in 2012. The main advertising services that they specialize in Mobile Billboard Advertising, Google Advertising and Facebook Advertising.