Mobile Billboard Advertising Advantages

Mobile Billboard Advertising in Singapore

Mobile Billboard Advertising Singapore Mobile Billboard Advertising Singapore

Mobile Billboards Ready For Your Viewing Pleasure
Mobile Billboard ad is an eye-catching design with bright colors as researched by professionals, heading down the highway is quickly and frequently noticed by pedestrians. Nine times out of ten, this results in pedestrians taking time to view and read the full ad.

The channel can’t be changed and the ad cannot be crumpled and thrown away. It is there, bold and unavoidable. The individual has no choice but to take note and read these mobile billboards.

Outdoor mobile billboards can be consistently displayed in one area at one time of consistently for repetitive exposure. For example, mobile billboard advertising can be display along a particularly busy location during rush hour every day so the same commuters will see it again and again. The message will eventually sink in. Practice makes perfect!

The advertising message is easily and cheaply made as are any necessary changes. To prevent boredom, a company can have their mobile advertisement changed and improved on a regular basis keeping the public curious for what may be coming next. Another component of flexibility is location. The ad can be moved on a frequently to the areas where it will be most effective and generate the most response.

Mobile billboard advertising is also more cost effective in comparison to alternate means such as newspapers, television and radio. As a matter of fact the cost per thousand impression is less than $2.00. This is undoubtedly one of the cheapest forms of advertising available.

No Competition
Mobile billboard ads are usually displayed and seen by potential clients without any distractions from competitors’ advertisements. The mobile advertisement can be strategically positioned so there is no competition to be seen for miles.

Ad Size
Mobile billboard ads come in a size of width 1.2 meters by height 1.8 meters. This is an incredibly unique and effective eye catching tool.

Mobile billboard ads can be strategically located to areas where the target audience is mostly likely found. For example, a store that organic foods and other holistic products might do well to station their mobile add near the local farmer’s market. It will have a better chance of being seen by the type of people that will frequent this establishment.

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